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Keep Your Cooler Cold

Grizzly Coolers aren't only protective against the animals in the wilderness; they are protective against the heat of the sun as well. Our coolers have gone through extensive testing to make sure they hold ice the longest, and in the most extreme conditions. Each of the Grizzly Coolers has been fully tested for ice retention, and we believe our products exceed the levels set by other coolers. If you need a cooler that will keep things cold for the long journeys, the extended trips, and those intensely heated adventures, then Grizzly Coolers are the ones you need.

Testing Process; 90 degree climate controlled room and the cooler is filled with cubed ice. The cooler is opened twice a day to monitor the ice levels, frequency is increased as the ice is closer to being melted.

G15 - 4 Days, 5 Hours
G20 - 5 Days, 3 Hours
G40 - 6 Days, 14 Hours
G60 - 8 Days, 6 Hours
G75 - 9 Days, 10 Hours
G150 - 11 Days, 4 Hours
G400 - 19 Days, 10 Hours


Grizzly Coolers: For A Lifetime