Rotationally Molded

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Roto-Molded Coolers

Grizzly Coolers are made of rotationally molded plastic, which allows us to make our coolers strong and provide optimum performance.The rotomolding process makes sure that each part has a consistant wall thickness and is free of imperfections, and that the products we deliver will hold up to the toughest abuse.

IRP has been working with roto-molded plastics since 1983. IRP’s Engineering and Research & Development department is proficient in all molding executions. We design, test, create, and use all of our own products, to ensure that we have the best products available. Our Grizzly Coolers line showcases that ability, which comes with nearly three decades of experience in rotomolding plastics.

Rotomolding Video

Watch the video previewing the Grizzly 16 Cooler, which gives a look into the rotomolding process!

Grizzly Coolers: For A Lifetime