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cooler insulation injection mold

How Are Coolers Insulated?

How are coolers insulated? What materials are used for cooler insulation? Is cooler insulation eco-friendly? What is the thermal efficiency of cooler insulation? What is the best cooler for ice retention?

These are some of the common questions you will find when looking into the specifics of insulated coolers and what makes them superior to conventional coolers. So what makes a great cooler? Think about it from a thermodynamics standpoint. Cold is the absence of heat, much like darkness is the absence of light. The goal of a cooler, then, is not so much to keep the “coldness” in but to keep the heat out.

grizzly box blind setup in field

Better Hunting In Better Comfort

DECORAH, IA  – Every inch of the customizable Grizzly Box Blind has been designed to aid hunting performance, concealment and comfortable for the ultimate hunting blind experience. It was built to be silent with noise-less friction hinges and sealed with a gasket tight closure to avoid detection, with solid one-piece rotomolded construction and a standard …

Better Hunting In Better Comfort

IGBC certified seal on grizzly cooler

What Makes A Cooler Bear Proof?

IGBC Bear Resistant Testing Protocols In 1989 the IGBC developed the first consistent protocol for defining, testing, and recommending minimum design standards for bear-resistant containers. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) is considered the gold standard for certification of bear-resistant coolers, such as Grizzly Coolers.  Products that passed the rigorous IGBC testing protocol and were …

What Makes A Cooler Bear Proof?

rotomold coolers machine

What Is Rotomolding?

Have you ever wondered, what is rotomolding? Rotational molding, rotomolding, rotomold, or rotocasting is a production process to form hollow parts of limitless size. Rotational molding is best used for large, one-piece hollow parts and double-walled open containers such as tanks, kayaks, hunting blinds, playground slides, furniture, and coolers. This is a cost-effective method to …

What Is Rotomolding?

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