Grizzly 40 Cooler

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Grizzly 40 Cooler
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With its lifetime warranty, you're assured that the Grizzly 40 Quart Cooler is more than just a fad. Since 2002, Grizzly has been engineering and torture testing coolers with your hunting, fishing, tailgating, and camping expeditions in mind. Our coolers are made in the USA by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. Proudly envisioned, engineered, tooled, tested, perfected, and produced in Decorah, Iowa, Grizzly Coolers has extensive knowledge and credibility in the cooling industry.



Our coolers are made from rotationally-molded LLDPE plastic and are designed to achieve even wall thicknesses for optimal durability.

IGBC Certified

All Grizzly Hardside coolers are IGBC certified.

Thermal Properties

All hard-sided coolers are pressure injected with up to two inches of polyurethane foam.

Integrated Hinge

The hinge is built with integrated interlocking design to withstand the toughest situations.

2" Drain

The 2” Drain allows for quick and complete draining of your cooler.

Bearclaw™ Latch

The Bearclaw™ latches are a Grizzly exclusive design. Easy to use, interchangeable, and retain a bear grip on the lid.

Grip/Slick Feet

Grip Feet prevent your cooler from sliding, or attach the Slick Feet (included) for easy mobility.

Molded-In Handles

Built in molded handles for easy carry. Part of the Dual Handle System.

Dry Ice Compatible

Our coolers are dry ice compatible.

Locking System

Each hardside cooler comes with two lock holes to keep your cooler secure and your contents safe.

2" Tiedown Slots

Each cooler comes with tie-down slots to help keep your cooler secure in your truck, boat or UTV.

Silicone Rubber Gasket

Our lids seal with a silicone rubber gasket to keep cold air trapped extending the longevity of your ice.


  • 40 quart capacity
  • 24 lbs empty
  • RotoTough™ rotationally molded construction
  • Environmentally friendly pressure-injected insulation
  • Molded-in hinge with stainless steel pin
  • 2” drain plug for easy, quick draining
  • Full length drain channels for complete draining
  • BearClaw™ Latches require no hardware and keep a secure grip
  • Non-slip non-marking rubber feet
  • Molded-in heavy duty handles
  • Rope Handle with nylon sleeved rubber handle
  • 2” Tiedown slots
  • Embossed 22” ruler on lid
  • Rubber Gasket makes a perfect seal
  • Includes dry goods tray
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • IGBC Certification Number 3369

Customer Reviews 15 item(s)

Best cooler out there for outdoorsman.
I have the Olive Green color and I absolutely love it. It does a great job keeping ice for hours upon hours on my hunting trips. Plenty of room for everything I pack. And I can almost fit an entire deer in it after it's been processed. The bear proof latches keep my meat safe from bears and coyotes.
I highly recommend this cooler to any hunter, camper, or angler. You will not regret it. In fact I may buy another.
Review by Hoss / (Posted on 11/25/2019)
Buy one!
The best cooler I’ve owned, hands down. I take it out just about every weekend in the spring and summer to the lake, the racetrack and rzr riding. The blazing sun and continuous need for refreshment when being on the lake has really proved its worth when we’ve been on the lake for a few days without access to ice. Kept my drinks and food coolllddd. The durability of this thing is incredible. I forgot to tie it down in the back of my rzr and went and hit some jumps on a dirt bike track and lost the cooler off a jump I hit. It hit the ground hard and tumbled like a pair of dice on a crap table in Vegas and didn’t come open. It took a few licks but those are just character marks. Can’t speak for the drinks inside as most of them busted inside but the cooler, yet again, proved it’s value and worth. Will definitely buy another in the future!!
Review by Bestcoolertobuy / (Posted on 6/9/2019)
Prob the best deal in its size
So far my dark green 40 has met my expectations and exceeded some.
FYI the green gets HOT. I mean H O T in the sun. I didn't know green would get that hot, and quick too. Lesson learned, but in doing so I surely tested the lid for warping, and it definitely did NOT warp, so I accidentally completed that test with flying colors, lol.

The beauty of the Grizzly is it's size per quart.

It takes up approximately the same real-estate when packing,
as my Orca 26!
Grizzly 40 is roughly 25x16x16, and the Orca 26 is roughly 23x15x17! That is the SAME stowing size for double the interior space!(Orca lists their 26 at 5.4gallon. 5.4x4qts per gallon=21.6)
Plus they weigh the same!

The Orca must have thicker insulation, but I guess since it holds less ice than my Grizzly 40, they are about equal in retention the first few days.

I can get 3 days of ice out of my Grizz 40, in 90f weather, actually USING the cooler like a cooler. Then very cold water for another day probably.
That's prechilled, with 2 chilled 12 packs, 8 pack of chilled 20oz Gatorades, dogs, brats, and some breakfast sausage links, plus 20lbs of gas station ice.
Again using it like a cooler.

If I really tried, using some block ice, freezing some of the Gatorades, etc., I know for a fact I could easily double that.

My Orca 26 would never make it that long. Not enough room inside for drinks AND block ice.

If I knew what I know now, I would have never bought the Orca 26. It was ok, until I got the Grizzly 40 and compared them! I'll probably sell it.

Bottom line, I can carry more items(always always want more stuff), for longer, for the same stowing size and initial weight. And for almost the same price!!! With the same warranty!! And USA made!

Love that it is a USA product.

So far only complaint, is 2liters wont stand up in the cooler.
Not really a complaint so much as an observation.
Review by D. Kim / (Posted on 6/4/2019)
The best, period
As a fishing guide in The Florida Keys, people come from around the world to fish with me to target a specific species. They put their dream in my hands. In order for me to make my clients dreams come true, I have to be using the best equipment on the market. Grizzly is the best, period. From their insulated cups, to both their hard and soft sided coolers; Grizzly is the only line of coolers and drink ware on my vessel. A hot day down here is about 98 and a cold day is about 73, my Grizzly cooler sits on my bow in direct sunlight and averages 4 days of solid ice and has held ice for up to 6 days.
Review by Capt. Felipe Sixto / (Posted on 3/6/2019)
Versatile and Bona Fide
I bought this cooler to keep food and beverages cool for my wife in the hospital after recovering from surgery. The cooler kept food and drinks cool for the week we spent in the hospital and has since been a solid performer on hunting and camping trips, always keeping ice longer than any of my other coolers. I reached out to grizzly to rush it to us as I bought it a few days before her surgery and their excellent customer service got the cooler to us early. It’s a great value and a great asset for keeping meat cool.
Review by D. Rund / (Posted on 12/4/2018)
After a 5 day trip and seeing that the 10 lb ice block in my Grizzly only lost a pound I was sold. Already ordered the 100 for those longer trips. Made in USA!!!
Review by Mr. San Marcos / (Posted on 11/29/2018)
Buy With Confidence
Got the Grizzly 40 from my company store with the logo on top. Works as described and made in the USA. Also included 2 stickers and a hat. Nice bonus. It also has significantly more capacity that the Yeti 40. Keeeps beer cold.
Review by 955er / (Posted on 10/24/2018)
Awesome Cooler!
I've had this cooler now for several months and use it quite often! Keeps things ice cold - and is pretty near indestructible.
One of my "bear latches" broke. I called Grizzly and they instructed me how to get a replacement! They stand behind their products!
Review by William B. / (Posted on 10/8/2018)
5star quality
I have had yeti brand coolers for several years and this is my first Grizzly. First off I had my company logo imprinted on the lid which looks first class. Second, the cooler looks really nice in appearance. The gasket is really nice which IMO the area that can make or break a rotomold cooler. I look to get my hands on many other grizzly brand items.
Review by Captain Patric / (Posted on 8/16/2018)
I would say this is the best 40qt out there.
This is the best cooler I’ve ever bought. I have other main name brand coolers but I will only be buying grizzly for now on.
Review by Andrew / (Posted on 8/12/2018)
We swore to never pay that much!
We swore We would never pay over $200 dollars for an ice chest, well we broke that swear! Ordered the Grizzly 40 and it has exceeded our expectations. We understand now why it cost a bit more. The construction is superb. The density is superb. The dang look is Superb! Well you get the picture. If you are like us and said we could buy a lot of ice for the price of these coolers, quit listening to yourself and buy one. This is American Made Quality. Glad to see Grizzly put the USA made product back at the front of the line. Thanks Grizzly. Oh by the way, we still have not broke our swear to never buy a cooler from those sasquatch people! Thanks again Grizzly.
Review by Brew72 / (Posted on 7/28/2018)
Honest Review
-Very sturdy design overall
-The larger drain plug is a nice addition that can’t be found on other coolers
-Love the overall look of the cooler
-Lifetime warranty & Made in the USA

-The rubber latches constantly pull off of the cooler. I’d say about 50% of the time I go to open it, the latches pop right off. Not sure if anyone else has this problem but it is pretty frustrating.
-As of right now in the PA heat (75°-85°), I can’t seem to hold ice for more than 2 days and I opened the cooler maybe once or twice. The remaining water stays chilly for about 4-5 days but I was honestly expecting a little more out of this cooler.

Overall I like this cooler a lot but am a little disappointed in a few aspects.
Review by Dan Z. / (Posted on 6/20/2018)
Great cooler well worth the money!
Very happy with the cooler does a great job and very sturdy!
Review by Chuckyoung / (Posted on 5/1/2018)
Grizzly Exceeds What They Claim
I spent several days determining which cooler manufacturer I was going to go with. Even though Yeti offered a 20% military discount, I decided to go with Grizzly. This decision was based off of user reviews, being made in the USA and the fact that Grizzly is true to their cooler size. I spend a lot of time on the trails and in the woods, and I need a cooler that can live up to their claim. You will not regret choosing Grizzly. I look forward to future purchases from Grizzly Coolers.
Review by Matt Lander / (Posted on 4/3/2018)
Great cooler, Tough and Reliable and Made in The USA!!
I had the Grizzly 40 for about 3 months. I currently own a Cabela's Polar Cap and a Yeti. The cooler looks good and its tough and best of all out performs my other coolers for almost half the price less than the yeti and about the same price range with Cabelas.
I have tested it in 100 degrees on roadtrips to Yellowstone Park where it has sat in the back of my Suburban for 3 days. Not to mention it was packed the day before in the afternoon after pre-cooling it with a frozen water gallon. The cooler was opened on a regular bases as i have 3 boys that can decide to get a drink at the same time. The cooler was restocked every morning with room temperature water and soda. the cooler started with refrigerated sodas and water and 15 pounds of ice. in 3 days of restocking drinks every morning and using it constantly we did not need to add ice. by the end of day 3 at home it still had some ice and ice cold water. Drinks were not an issue to drink as the temperature was ice cold. i believe if the drinks that were added daily would have been colder ice would have lasted longer. I always bring extra drinks to restock my coolers daily and im more than happy to have a cooler last 3 days in over 100 day temps and sitting in the back of my Suburban through out the day as we walked around the park. On another note you can count on the customer service at Grizzly. I had an issue with a coupon for 10% off not working when i ordered my cooler. Customer service made it right and refunded me 10% of the price of the cooler the same day. Going to place and order for a 60 as soon as i sell my Yeti. Buy the cooler, Grizzly is worth your hard earned money.
Review by J.Jan / (Posted on 8/16/2017)

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