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Grizzly Grip Pounder

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The durable stainless steel Grizzly Grip Pounder has been optimized to keep your favorite 16 oz can beverages at their ideal drinking temperature. It is engineered with double-wall vacuum insulation to provide consistent temperature. The ergonomic hand grip and rubberized pad on the bottom of the cup give it an edge over similar products on the market. Built like a tank, the Grip Pounder more than lives up to the Grizzly name.



Kitchen-grade stainless steel is durable and rust-resistant.


Unmatched at keeping cold drinks cold as well as keeping hot drinks hot.


The rubberized pad on the bottom of the bottle keeps your bottle where you put it.


The best thing for your hand since the glove!


  • Double-wall vacuum insulated: Keeps your beverage cold up to 4 hours.
  • Fits 16oz cans: This includes almost all 16oz craft beer cans, 16oz beer cans, 16oz energy drink cans and 16oz soda cans.
  • Built in hand grip: Three grip groves will give you a good handle on your beverage.
  • Durable: 18/8 Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Rubberized foot pad: Keeps the Pounder where you put it.
  • Sweat Free
  • Textured Charcoal or Brushed Stainless Finish
  • Imported
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Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Hours of ICE COLD beer in FLORIDA
I can finally finish my 16 oz beer In Florida while it is still COLD. Finger grooves, texture, and the rubber bottom grip are all wonderful. I just have to remember to hold my beer in place while screwing the top on to make sure it allows the finger grooves to be aligned where I like them to be once tightened.
Review by Jenn / (Posted on 10/3/2019)
Outstanding product
I've had my Pounder for a little over two years now. I bought it when they were first released, and waited over for the release date to arrive. It was worth every minute of the wait! After two years of everyday use it still keeps my energy drinks and 16oz beer cold. The rubber screw on lid had not failed, stripped or lost it's seal. The finish (mine is black) has not chipped, faded or even scratched for that matter. I love the rubberized bottom, as it is quite in my deer stand, and stays put when I sit it down. Great product Grizzly, couldn't recommend this thing enough!!
Review by East Texas Barbecue Company / (Posted on 9/20/2019)
Great product
Bought a bunch of these for part of my groomsman gifts and gave them out with a unique beer in each. I ordered a variety of the chrome and matte grey. They all told me that they loved them and use them often. I had great customer service as well. Thanks Grizzly! I will be back.
Review by Dana Mazz / (Posted on 8/10/2018)
Keeps beer cold on hot days.
It's was given as a father's day gift to me.
It's currently 95° and humid as shit.
Been sitting on a deck for 3 hours in sun.
Opened it up, cold beer.
Definitely worth the price.
This is a game changer.
Summer has always robbed me of cold beer with regular coozies, but no more!!!
Keep up the good work guys!
Review by Nick / (Posted on 6/17/2018)
Great product!
Best thing I've ever bought, I do a lot of bbq competitions and I'm always leaving my beer sitting around, with this product I never have to worry about my beer getting warm. Bonus is that water bottles fit very well too!
Review by TattooedQ / (Posted on 5/22/2018)
Very High Quality 16oz Koozie
I ordered both a brushed stainless and textured charcoal Grip Pounder, UPS shipping took about 4 days to arrive. I immediately tested them to see if my current favorite summer beers fit, the 16oz can Bell's Oberon and Surly Furious, and they fit like a glove. The top lid gasket on some koozies (Ozark) would take some coercing to fit tight on cans (12oz mind you), not so with this,the gasket fits perfectly and installed each time without effort.

I think this koozie is called the Grip Pounder because of the finger grooves built in which sets them apart from others. I thought this was kind of gimmicky at first, but in use they're perfect, especially using such a large koozie and 16oz beer, the grip finger grooves really help maintain grip. The grooves are designed very well in that they only come around about 40% of the koozie which is about the length of most peoples' fingers, so not too long, not too short. Only thing I'd change is add another groove for the 4th finger you'd be gripping the koozie with as there's only 3 finger groove spots, maybe they thought you'd be sipping with the pinky out lol? Also on the grooves, since they're only on one side, when installing the lid gasket, as it would tighten, it would start to spin the can and thus end up with the can opening over the finger grooves, with practice I think this wouldn't be a big deal but something to note.

The koozie's are very well made. Made in China, but so is Yeti so not a big deal. A really nice feature I didn't know about before ordering is the rubber anti-skid bottom. Ozark, RTIC, and Yeti don't have that, but the Thermax did. It's a nice touch that comes in handy especially while using on boats, canoes, and kayaks.

The textured charcoal is definitely textured which is pretty cool. It's kind of like a sand paper feeling, almost like 500 grit sand paper but not too aggressive at all.

The description doesn't list weight so here it is against competitors:
Grip Pounder textured charcoal: 10.1oz
Grip Pounder stainless: 10oz
12oz size RTIC: 8.8oz
12oz size Ozark: 8.6oz
12oz size Yeti: 8oz
12oz size Thermax: 5.9oz
The unopened 16oz beers I weighed were 17oz , so paired with a Grip Pounder, you're looking at a 27oz beverage you're holding before chugging it down, so the finger grooves I think are a must.

Thickness using digital calipers:
Grip Pounder textured charcoal: .261"
Grip Pounder stainless: .25"
12oz size Ozark: .24"
12oz size RTIC: .24"
12oz size Yeti: .235"
12oz size Thermax: .07"
Note, this isn't apples to apples because the metal thickness (gauge) used isn't the same in all of them and I don't know what gauge is that each use. Also, all of the 12oz sizes have seen extensive use, so when measuring their thickness, they weren't uniform on the various sides I measured, so I tried to take an average.

Overall, there aren't many 16oz double walled vacuum insulated koozies on the market yet, however even if there were as many as the 12oz koozie market, I'd put the Grip Pounders at the very top, even better than Yeti.

My background: I'm very passionate about double walled vacuum sealed insulated cups, mugs and koozies dating back to the 90's. I currently own over 30 of them in about 12 different styles. I've recently found a few different summer beers I like but they only sell them in 16oz cans and I realized I only had 1 style of koozie that really worked which was my thinnest walled koozie, the Thermax by Thermos. Although the Thermax was designed for 12 oz cans, I say it "worked" because it doesn't have the top sealing gasket unlike the Yeti, RTIC, and Ozark 12 oz koozies. Those others would still work, but I feared misplacing the top gasket if used without them. Thus began my search for a 16 oz vacuum sealed koozie and I stumbled upon this one. I've read grizzly cooler reviews and they get rave independent review when compared to other high end coolers and I thought their koozie's would be no different and I was pleasantly correct.
Review by Calvin / (Posted on 6/9/2017)
Love it. I put it to the test. Put a tall boy cold in at 5pm did not opened until 9pm. Awesome cold has when I put it in. I'm going to order 5 more for my family. Cant wait for summer on the river.
Review by Happy camper / (Posted on 2/9/2017)
It Works
I just got my Pounder. I used it over the weekend. I tried it with a few different drinks just to see if they all would fit. Rockstar, Pepsi and a Blue Moon they all fit and stayed cold for a long time. Im not going to throwing out warm beer anymore. Cant wait to take this out to the Lake in the summer.
Review by Josh / (Posted on 11/21/2016)

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