Rotomolded Cooler Features

RotoTough™ Rotationally Molded Construction
Grizzly Coolers are made of rotationally molded plastic, which allows us to make our coolers strong and provide optimum performance.The rotomolding process makes sure that each part has a consistant wall thickness and is free of imperfections, and that the products we deliver will hold up to the toughest abuse.

IGBC Bear Resistant Certified
We put our Grizzly Coolers through strict IGBC Bear Resistance testing to make sure that your products are kept safe, and the animals are kept safe as well. When bears and other animals tear into and eat out of coolers, what they ingest can be harmful to them, and even kill them. It is of the utmost importance that your items and the animal are kept safe from harm. All Grizzly Coolers have been tested and certified by the IGBC, and provide optimum safety, durability, and performance, even under the most extreme conditions.

Thermal Properties
Our coolers have gone through extensive testing to make sure they hold ice in the most extreme conditions.  Every rotomolded cooler is pressure injected with environmentally friendly Ecomate polyurethane foam.  This closed-cell foam insulation has an R-Value of 7 per inch giving every Grizzly outstanding thermal properties.

Integrated Hinge System

2” Insulated Drain Plug

Full Length drain channels for complete draining

BearClaw™ Latches

Non-Slip Rubber Feet

Slider Feet

Stainless steel handle with foam grip

Molded-in heavy duty handles

Dry Ice Compatible

Textured Lid

Locking System

2” Tiedown slots

Silicone Rubber Gasket

Grizzly Coolers LLC does not sell directly through,, or any other mass online retailer. These outlets are susceptible to scams and Grizzly Coolers products purchased through these means may be void of any manufacturer warranty. Authorized Grizzly Dealers can be found on our dealer locator.

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