Grizzly 15 Stainless Handle

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Stainless steel handle with over-molded grip.


  • Stainless steel handles can only be installed on units with a black plug under the molded handles. Locate the plug and carefully remove it with a flat head screw driver.
  • Using a light-adhesive tape, such as painter’s tape, line the side of the cooler from the bottom of the unit to the hole. Do this on both sides of the cooler.
  • Make sure the end of the tape is as close to the hole as possible without covering the hole.
  • With the cooler upside down, grab both sides of the handle and stretch it apart. Slide the handle down the cooler avoiding the tape as best as possible.
  • Align the ends of the handle with the holes in the cooler and gently slide them into place. The handle should be snug with minimal room to move.

How to Install The G15 Stainless Steel Handle

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